Absolut Vodka

Promote Absolut Vodka’s support of the LGBTQIA+ community, by selling their ‘Rainbow Pride Bottle’ in the same vein as Mardi Gras.

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The Insight

The idea that love and identity is fluid, is gaining global recognition.

Single-minded Proposition

Love is a free flowing, fluid force.

It has no boundaries, or binaries. Love, like a liquid, can seep through the cracks in the surface (or in deeply entrenched systematic beliefs and specifically, the gender binary)

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The Insight

Millenials are strongly motivated by opinions and feelings. "They will want to behave a certain way if their emotions are triggered".


(Chip & Dan Heath, 2010)


The concept of ‘Liquid courage’ is a world-wide tool used to push past fears of rejection


(Kuntsche, et al 2009).

Single-minded Proposition

Everyone, once in a while, needs to find the courage to tell someone the way they feel.