minimalist phone

The Client:

Hypothetical Minimalist Phone Brand.


The Brief:

Introduce a new minimalist phone to the smartphone market that has one primary job; eliminates digital distractions.


The Insight:

Gen Xers live busy lives, running around after loved ones with little to no time for themselves. 


The Big Idea:

Why Ant Phone, you ask? Because ants get shit done, no muck around. They’ve got one job to do, and they do it.


Our Strategist/Copywriter Carina came to us with her ant pitch, and when she highlighted the correlation between our core idea of simplicity with the essential role of an ant, we were sold. The fact that it's only 3 letters long is even simple in itself. And so, Ant Phone was born.


Our campaign zeroes in on how life can be better when phones are less complicated. How life is chaotic enough, we don’t need digital distractions to make things harder. Simple is better.


The point of difference in this campaign is through our target. Generation X isn’t actually the user of the phone, but their kids and elderly parents. Much like the classic Old Spice advertising, we are targeting the buyer, not the user.


Our executions are made up of relatable, facepalm moments that Gen Xers deal with. 


Ultimately, the chaotic lives Gen Xers live often begin with the complications of technology. So we’re ending that chaos with minimalism and simplicity.

the team.

Ruby Koco


Art Director

Carina Boyle


Charlotte Stanboulgtis


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ANT PHONE.Life is Simpler with Ant.
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