The Client:

Brava Lingerie.


The Brief:

In the midst of a global pandemic, Brava must close all its lingerie stores. So, they've pivoted and seek to promote their Virtual Fitter; an online bra fitting service. It works from the comfort of home using Skype to enable Brava’s lingerie experts to style and fit while social distancing.


The Insight:

Women with a D Cup and Up struggle to buy bras normally, let alone during a global pandemic when everything’s shut and they can’t try anything on.

The Big Idea:

Bras. They exist because boobs can get in the way.

But what happens when something gets in the way of your bra fittings? When you can no longer offer that same support to the boobs that once got in the way...


Create an ad with a double meaning playing on the words ‘get in the way’.


Big and small – boobs get in the way of life. But brands like Brava literally support that.


Covid gets in the way of buying bras. Brava can help with that now too. With their Virtual Fitter, nothing can get in your way.