covid 19 

The Client:

The Victorian State Government.


The Brief:

In the aftermath of the continued COVID-19 restrictions, some Australians have developed an unconcern towards Government communication and its regulations.


Memes are popping up, protests, some are resisting wearing masks, the works.

Convince Victorians to follow guidelines to stop community spread of COVID-19.


The Insight:

While there are groups that don’t wear masks altogether, there is a larger amount of people that wear masks, but incorrectly or inconsistently. Victorians are pulling down their masks to talk, have a laugh and to ‘breathe’.


Although masks may be of a different calibre of breathing, they are still breathable. The American Lung Association states that “the masks are designed to be breathed through and there is no evidence that low oxygen levels occur.”

The Big Idea:

Work with the all too real fear of attaining Coronavirus to target those who feel they can’t breathe with a mask on. The side-by-side comparison of someone who is healthy and someone who is not highlights the privilege of the healthy. It also hints to the responsibility the healthy have for their community, and how it could be their incorrect mask wearing that puts another in hospital.


The key message is to get people to think about how if they find it difficult to breathe with only a mask, they don’t know what they’re in for if they get covid.