cracker barrel

The Client:

Cracker Barrel


The Brief:

Cracker Barrel brings people together, and enhances catch-ups.


The Insight:

Also known as the ‘feel good’ hormone, Dopamine is released in the human brain when new memories are formed (Dr. Carlsson, 1950). Dopamine is also released when we eat cheese. Cheese contains an amino acid called Tyrosine that, when digested, makes us feel content. 

Ultimately, good times come about in good company, but even better memories can be made when eating cheese at the same time.


Sometimes our brains don't register our most important moments until later. But we do tend to register the good ones at the time, because of how we feel.


The Big Idea:

Good times come about when you’re with the ones you love. The golden ones happen when you're together around a table of Cracker Barrel and fine wine.

'Savour the Golden Moments' is a headline with a dual purpose; primarily, to serve as a reminder to appreciate the good times. Secondarily, it's a reminder to appreciate the times that are only made so, because of the golden coloured smelly stuff you buy from the dairy section.

A golden moment is a good time, but is also a cheesy, Cracker Barrel time.