dowd automotive

The Client:

Dowd Automotive


The (live) Brief:

Brand a new automotive broking business and launch socials.


The Insight:

The primary market of interest here are Generation X and Baby Boomers, specifically those who are willing and able to buy luxury cars.

Most of the advertising produced by the brands Dowd Automotive deals with, utilise minimalist colour palettes and naturalistic photography. Often, their ads are purposed more towards look and feel rather than specific strategy.


Dowd Automotive should focus its branding on the value of simplicity, elegance and monochromatica to communicate the feeling of the brand.


The Big Idea:

The feeling of freedom, quality, adventure and speed.

Dowd Automotive's launch communicates these values through effective art direction and graphic design. The logo speaks to the elegance the target market is after, all whilst keeping in tone with their appreciation for minimalism.


The poster campaigns go in the other direction, utilising the bright colours that emanate from our roads and nature. The posters tug at consumers' heart strings by talking to their 'need for speed' and desire for adventure.

Underground Station Poster 3.png
Billboard Poster 4.png
Metrolight Poster 5.png