Death to Stock

Shortlisted for Death to Stock student competition & RMIT Awards

Create a poster that completes the headline: “It’s Okay To…” that doesn’t overtly advertise. Death to Stock's brand intention is to make the internet more a beautiful place - it's all about aesthetic and authenticity; where competitors offer typical stock visuals, DTS offer stock as an art form.


The Insight

When did we coin the phrase "too much"? And how did it become associated with women?


 “Boys are socialised to be assertive, aggressive and encouraged to take leadership. As for our little girls? We call them bossy. A word almost never used for boys. And that leads directly to the problems women face in the workforce”.

- Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg

Single-minded Proposition

OOwn being "too much".

Show just how much more you have to give.


Show the talented women of our world who are labelled, misrepresented and ‘unlikeable’ that they have only just scratched the surface of their potential.