2020 Cannes Future Lions Entry

Runner Up in the RMIT Awards judged by the IAC Committee

The Client:



The Brief:

Put creative play back on the agenda and show kids how they can realise great things when they are left to play. Focus on the act that is inherent in the Lego brand; to built & rebuild.


The Insight:

Whilst the internet offers kids ever-changing content, the old school toy remains stagnant. 

The Big Idea:

Provide children with a place where their real and virtual worlds collide. Where they can use their surroundings to offer the classical lego brick the dynamic liveliness they see on their screens.

'Scan, Build Play' is a Lego app with a built-in 3D scanner that allows consumers to ‘scan & build’. Lego is bringing their classic brick out of the playroom, and into the outside world.


Kids can scan objects in real life that will be analysed by the app, and instructions of how to build that object in model scale will be formed. Thereafter, they build a physical Lego version of their scanned object, and place it into a virtual LegoLand community.

Now, children can build their world with just one scan. This idea offers them a literal world of opportunity by just getting them to look up and notice their own.

Play is everywhere.

the team.

Ruby Koco



Mackie Simmons



Carina Boyle


Charlotte Stanboulgtis


"Really well thought out insight and a very clever idea. Love the use of tech to evolve the perceptions of lego and bring kids back to the bricks. Great understanding of the problem and brief."

- Matthew Stoddart

Creative Director at TBWA Melbourne.

As the 2020 Cannes Future Lions competition was postponed due to Covid 19, RMIT created their own awards.


My team’s entry was judged as one of the best in the cohort, and was awarded runner up. The awards were judged by RMIT IAC Committee (including industry fellows such as Stefanie Digianvincenzo, Matthew Stoddart, Daniel Pizzato, and more)