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Awarded Gold in the RMIT Pixel Awards

The Client:

Pedigree & Pet Rescue.


The Brief:

Persuade listeners to adopt a dog. Pedigree has a distinctive tone of voice, stick with it. Listeners will likely be made up of dog lovers who are thinking of potentially adopting a dog.


The Insight(s):

1. Emotional advertising is often effective as it comes off more like a feeling than a sale. Familiarity through a lighthearted lens will allow listeners to connect with the ad.

2. The saviour complex is a phenomenon that is well known and engrained in human nature. A lot of the time, people adopt animals because they want to feel good about themselves and their decisions. They want to feel like they are doing good for the world and their community.  

The Big Idea:

Everyone has experienced a slobbery kiss. This radio spot aims to touch on that familiar feeling. ‘Slobbery Kisses’ is meant to be more like reminiscing with a family friend than listening to an ad. You don’t actually know it’s an ad for Pedigree until over half way through, up until then it is like remembering funny experiences.

Slobbery KissesPedigree x Pet Rescue
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'Slobbery Kisses' was awarded Gold in the RMIT Pixel Awards.