Teen Vogue & The Case For Her

2020 D&AD New Bloods Entry

Top 10 in the RMIT Awards judged by the IAC Committee

Use branded content to challenge ideas around female pleasure and sexual wellness.

The Problem

In schools, boys learn about erections, and 'wanking' is a term thrown around the locker room comfortably, while girls are learning about giving birth and periods. Not so sexy.
Cue: The Pleasure Gap; the disparity between heterosexual men and women in their frequency of sexual climax.

The Insight

60% of women know more about the male body, than they do about their own.
Is this lack of education surrounding the female capacity for pleasure contributing to the pleasure gap?

Oh, and we found out that boys aren't the only ones who get boners. Girls get them too. It's called 'Tenting'.

Single-minded Proposition

We know boys get boners.

But did you know girls get boners too?


Re-educate young girls on their bodies, and their capacity for pleasure. Encourage girls to  use their new-found knowledge as a weapon to combat gender inequality in the bedroom.

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The D&AD New Blood Awards were postponed due to Covid, but RMIT created their own awards.


Tent Talks was shortlisted amongst 10 other entries, and soon after was ranked 5th within the RMIT cohort.


The entries were judged by the RMIT IAC Committee (including industry fellows such as Stefanie Digianvincenzo, Matthew Stoddart, Daniel Pizzato, and more).

Designers: Charlotte Stanboulgtis & Carina Boyle, Strategist & Copywriter: Mackie Simmons, Art Director & Production: Ruby Koco