they should make an app for that

The Client:

They Should Make An App For That


The Brief:

As part of the Third Year RMIT Advertising course, our Final Capstone Project asked us to create a hypothetical new business, brand it and advertise it.


The Problem:

Entrepreneurial types have the ideas, but they often don’t have the tech know-how to produce them.

The Insight:

There’s this moment that most ideas-people will have experienced at one point or another in their lifetimes. It’s when an idea strikes, and we wonder how it doesn’t already exist in the world yet. Then, the moment passes because we just say someone else will make it, or we put it in the too-hard basket. We think, “someone should actually do something about that”.

The Big Idea:

Our mission is to change the game for startups by creating a web platform that brings entrepreneurs and app developers together to make stuff.


When an entrepreneur has a great new app idea, they won’t have the ‘too hard’ excuse, because we’re a place where impossible ideas are made possible. You can’t make it? We’ll find somebody who can.


On top of it all, we are also our own Ad Agency which is an add on service to our clients’ projects. 

You can view the (not quite yet fully functioning but good looking) website here: