Capstone Project

In answer to our final university brief that asked us to create a hypothetical brand, we decided to change the game for startups.

Entrepreneurial types have the ideas, but they often don’t have the tech know-how to produce them.

So, we created a place where ideas-people and app developers could come together to bring ideas to life.

The Insight

The moment an idea strikes and it’s surprising that it doesn’t exist yet.


More often than not, the moment passes once we realise the idea is too far out of reach and ends up in the idea graveyard.

Single-minded Proposition

Where impossible ideas are made possible.

TSMAAFT Deck. (5).jpg
TSMAAFT Deck. (10).jpg
TSMAAFT Deck. (9).jpg
TSMAAFT Deck. (11).jpg

Here's hoping we sparked an idea.

Creative Team: Ethan Batticciotto & Ruby Koco